Pedestrian Safety

Tips for Pedestrians

  • Cross with care. Make eye contact with drivers and wait until traffic has stopped before you cross.
  • Pay attention. Avoid distractions like texting. Continue to look for traffic while you cross as drivers may not always stop or obey traffic signals.
  • Get noticed! Wear bright clothes and reflective gear, especially in low light or poor weather.
  • Be predictable. Use crosswalks and intersections. Never jaywalk.
  • Extend your arm to indicate that you wish to cross.
  • Where there are no sidewalks, always walk on the left side of the road facing traffic.
  • Follow traffic signals.

Tips for Drivers

  • Always yield to pedestrians at intersections.
  • Be alert and scan left and right for pedestrians when you approach any intersection.
  • If a vehicle is stopped in front of you or in the lane next to you, they may be yielding for a pedestrian, so be prepared to stop.
  • Always watch for pedestrians when you’re backing up.
  • Be aware of pedestrians who seem unsure or who may not be paying attention.

Pedestrian Signals

  • The WALKING PERSON light tells pedestrians that they may begin to cross. The FLASHING HAND indication means to continue crossing if you have entered the crosswalk; do not begin to cross if you have not entered the crosswalk.

Youth Pedestrian Tips


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