Turn Signals

Are you a good communicator?

Signal are important and are your primary communication tool as they let other traffic know what you are intending to do. Always use your turn signal to let people know you are planning to turn, change lanes, pull out or pull over. You should signal when you’re preparing to:

When you use your turn signal:

Be Timely: signal well ahead to give other road user plenty of warning

Be Clear: don’t apply your turn signal too soon and confuse other people. If you plan to turn right at the next intersection and there are a number of driveways and lanes before you reach the intersection, wait until you are close enough that people can see exactly where you are planning to turn.

Do What You Communicate: your turn signal is designed to switch off after you have made a turn, but sometimes it doesn’t. Make sure that your signal has cancelled after you turn so it doesn’t give the wrong message.