Farm Vehicle Safety

A tractor tilling soil in a field

Best practices include:

  • Be patientLocal farmers work long days in order to prepare, plant or harvest crops. Farm equipment will be found travelling on roadways at all times of the day and evening. Please exercise caution and understanding if you find yourself travelling behind farm equipment on a roadway.
  • Slow down: Farm vehicles are often travelling with large and heavy loads and can be travelling below the posted speed limit. Be aware and slow down as you approach farm equipment. A slow-moving vehicle is defined under the Motor Vehicle Act as ‘slow moving’ if it normally travels on the highway at a speed of 40 km/h or less and must display an orange triangle with a red border on the back of the vehicle.
  • Share the road: Leave enough space between you and the farm vehicle; this provides an opportunity to be seen by the farmer and allows you to observe turn signals or hand signals coming from the farm equipment. Only pass farm equipment where legal to do so; use extreme caution if passing as farm equipment can be wider than a lane width which may limit visibility of oncoming traffic or hazards.

For more information on farm vehicles please visit ICBC or click here to view the Farm Vehicles on the Move brochure

Agriculture touches all of our lives. Show a farmer your support by slowing down and sharing the road with their farm equipment.

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