Auto Crime

Protect yourself against auto crime and follow these tips:

  • Use an anti-theft device and remove any packages or personal property from sight.
  • Electronic immobilizers are the best protection.
  • Steering wheel locks are a good visual deterrent for auto thieves.
  • Park in well-lit areas near pedestrian traffic.
  • Remove possessions from your vehicle; shopping bags, spare change, electronics, brief cases, etc.
  • Don’t keep spare keys to your vehicle in the vehicle. Remove valet keys.
  • Keep your garage door opener out of sight. If parking on the street outside your residence, take the garage door opener with you.
  • Wait for the garage door gate to close behind you. Thieves could take this opportunity to slip inside the parkade.

Car Thieves are unpredictable. DO NOT try and apprehend them yourself; DIAL 911

ICBC has more tips as well

Visit the BAIT CAR program