Public Education

This information is not intended to provide comprehensive advice on safety and injury procedures.  No liability whatsoever is assumed for any injuries, damages or losses that may arise out of its use.

Apartments & Highrise Buildings: Am I Fire Safe?

Prevention is vital! It is the best insurance against fire.

At Work: Am I Fire Safe?

Be safe at work, your loved ones depend on you!

Burns: How Can I Prevent Them?

The worst kind of burn is one you could have prevented!

Candle Safety

Keep your home safe by using care and caution with candles

Children & Fire: What do you need to know?

Children Playing With Fire is a Deadly Game.

Electrical Fire Safety

Most electrical fires and shocks can be prevented by following simple electrical safety rules.

Fire Safety Tips for Warm Weather

During warm, dry weather, the risk of fires is higher.

Home Fire Escape Plan - Do I really Need One?

Working smoke alarms and a well-planned home fire escape plan can save your life!

My Kitchen: Is It Fire Safe?

A recipe for you family’s protection.

Natural Gas Safety

Natural gas is combustible, learn how to use it safely.

Portable Fire Extinguishers: Do I Need One?

Extinguish your doubts and know how

Pre-Schoolers: What Should I Teach Them About Fire?

Remember to make fire safety part of your everyday life!

Seniors: How can I be Fire Safe?

Let’s Retire Fire!

Student Fire Safety

Fire safety for students living off campus.