Fire Safety Tips for Warm Weather

When the weather is warm and dry, the risk of fire ignition and fire spread is bigger. Heat can dry out the vegetation around your home and in the community.

Help us prevent fires by following these tips:

  • Dispose of cigarettes properly in non-combustible ashtrays, or extinguish them in water or sand.
  • When using barbeque grills, maintain clearance from combustible decks, fences, and vegetation.
    • Allow ashes to completely cool and then dispose of them in metal containers. Barbeque ashes can maintain ignition temperatures for many hours, even if the surface is cool to touch.
  • Avoid using welding, grinding, or mowing equipment near dry weeds and grass.
  • Avoid parking vehicles in dry, weedy areas. The temperature of vehicle exhaust components can easily ignite dry grass and weeds.
  • Take extra precautions during open burning season when burning vegetation on agricultural land.
  • Always have someone watching your open burning pile and have a water supply nearby to help extinguish the fire if necessary.

For more tips, visit the Province's Wildfire Prevention page.