Campus Fire Safety

Heading off to post-secondary education? Have you thought about your personal safety on and off campus?

Fire safety while you are away from home is now your responsibility! Here are some ideas, tips and checklists to help you stay safe.

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Campus Fact Sheet 2018-08-14 73KB 
Campus Fire Safety - Checklist 2018-08-14 397KB 
Campus Fire Safety - Cooking and Kitchen 2018-08-14 376KB 
Campus Fire Safety - Plan to Survive 2018-08-14 497KB 
Campus Fire Safety - Student Tips 2018-08-14 345KB 
Campus Fire Safety Questions - Landlord 2018-08-14 383KB 
Campus Fire Safety Questions - Schools 2018-08-14 434KB 
Campus Safety 2018-08-14 1.48MB 
Campus Safety - Tips 2018-08-14 1.38MB 
Chilliwack Student Fire Safety 2018-08-14 2.82MB 
Off Campus - Safety Checklist 2018-08-14 1.38MB