Source Control

Source Control programs help to reduce the amount of contaminants that industries, businesses, institutions and households discharge into the sanitary sewer system. When contaminants are discharged to the sanitary sewer, they can affect the collection and treatment systems, the health of workers, the public and the environment. Not all contaminants can be removed during the treatment process, so the best way to ensure these don’t enter the natural environment is through controlling contamination at the source!

All industrial businesses are required to manage their wastewater, this includes knowing what they are putting down the drain. Check out the City's Responsible Wastewater Management brochure for notes on how to effectively manage your wastewater. Industrial businesses that discharge anything in the restricted wastes should contact the City’s Utilities Department to inquire about a Waste Discharge Permit at [email protected].

The Source Control Program is being expanded to safeguard public and worker health, property, City infrastructure and the environment. The program works with residents and industrial, commercial and institutional (I,C&I) operations to ensure the City’s Sanitary Sewer System Regulation Bylaw, 2010 No. 3702 is followed. Education and outreach are integral to the success of the program.

Have any questions about Source Control? Contact the Utilities Department to learn more at [email protected].

Procedural Flow Chart - Waste Discharge Permit (click to enlarge image below)


Municipal sewer systems are built to handle human waste and toilet paper. Anything else put down your toilet or sink (even “flushable” wipes!) can cause problems that lead to clogs, blockages and wastewater equipment damage, which can significantly interrupt a sewer system.

Before you flush, remember that toilets are not trash cans and responsibly dispose of your wipes and other non-flushable items.

You will find more information on Metro Vancouver's “Unflushables” campaign website.

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