Sanitary Sewer Preventative Maintenance/Control

In order for the sewer system to continue to operate properly, a number of maintenance and control programs have been put in place:

  • Source Control – certain materials and liquids can have a negative impact on the sewer system. Through the City’s Sanitary Sewer Bylaw No.2701 certain materials and liquids are either prohibited or controlled.
  • Flushing Program – Due to the majority of our city being located on the low lying valley floor, the majority of the sewer system was installed relatively flat. Over time, pipes can settle, creating locations where material can deposit and start to block sewer lines. Over the years, locations have been identified where regular flushing is used as a maintenance tool. With the use of a vacuum/flush truck, these areas are flushed and cleaned to remove solids and to ensure proper flow continues. We also use a CCTV (closed circuit TV) truck to video inspect our lines. With the use of robotically controlled and/or push rod video cameras we are able to “see” inside underground pipes to locate and inspect problems in our lines.
  • Pumping Station Underground Tank Maintenance -  Periodic cleaning of our sanitary pump station tanks is done on a regular basis.  This involves pressure washing the interior surface and removing the pumps for inspection and maintenance.  Regular maintenance ensures that the station operates at peak efficiency and that sewer odours are controlled.