Land Development

Chilliwack is fortunate to have the valley floor as well as hillside areas available for development and infill. Each presents its own unique challenges that require governance to ensure that our neighbourhoods will be created to enhance our community.  Land development guidelines are available to assist residents on hillside and infill development, the building permit and inspection process, Development Permits 2 and 11, subdivision applications and Development Cost Charges.

Subdivision Process

Subdivisions consist of several parcels of land that will be created from one or more existing parcels, consolidating land or moving boundaries. The Development and Regulatory Enforcement Department coordinates the review of your application with other agencies and municipal departments, therefore it is advised that applicants contact the department to discuss the feasibility of the proposal prior to application. Additional information about the application and approval process is contained under Subdivisions. (this will be hyperlinked)

Subdivision Approval Process

Subdivision Application

Development Permit Areas for geotechnical, riparian and other natural hazards.

Landscaping Plan Requirements

Water Samples Request Form

Development Permit Area 2

Development Permit Area No. 2 consists of hillside areas including Promontory, Majuba Hill, Ryder Lake, Eastern Hillsides, Chilliwack Mountain, Little Mountain, and Vedder Mountain.

Development Permit Area 11

Development Permit Area 11 enables riparian areas to provide natural features, functions and conditions that support fish life processes.

Development Cost Charges

City Council has adopted a Development Cost Charge (DCC) Bylaw which authorizes fees to be collected prior to Subdivision approval or the issuance of a Building Permit. The fees collected are used to fund major capital improvements to the sewer, water, drainage, and road infrastructure and the acquisition of parkland/open spaces. This brochure assists you in understanding Development Cost Charges and when they apply.


This brochure describes subdivision, the subdivision approval process, and where to obtain additional information.

Tree & Green Space Management Plans