Land Development

Development Permit Area 1

Development Permit Area 1 consists of lands within the surface water supply areas for the City of Chilliwack. The objective is to protect the City's sources of water supply from contamination, flow reduction and quality degradation.

Development Permit Area 2 

Development Permit Area 2 protects developments from hazardous hillside conditions and environmentally sensitive areas.

Development Permit Area 3 

Development Permit Area 3 protects the natural environment, it's ecosystems and biological diversity and in particular fish and fish habitats and riparian areas.

Development Permit Area 8 

Development Permit Area 8 Development Permit Area 8 applies to all lands within the City of Chilliwack with slopes of 20% or more. The objectives are to protect the natural environment, its ecosystems and biological diversity as well as establish objectives for the form and character of development.

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Development Cost Charges

City Council has adopted a Development Cost Charge (DCC) Bylaw which authorizes fees to be collected prior to Subdivision approval or the issuance of a Building Permit. The fees collected are used to fund major capital improvements to the sewer, water, drainage, and road infrastructure and the acquisition of parkland/open spaces. This page assists you in understanding Development Cost Charges and when they apply.


This brochure describes subdivision, the subdivision approval process, and where to obtain additional information.

Tree & Green Space Management Plans