Development Cost Charges


The City of Chilliwack has prepared this information to assist you in understanding Development Cost Charges and when they apply.

What is a Development Cost Charge?

City Council has adopted a Development Cost Charge (DCC) Bylaw which authorizes fees to be collected prior to Subdivision approval or the issuance of a Building Permit.

The fees collected are used to fund major capital improvements to the sewer, water, drainage, and road infrastructure and the acquisition of parkland/open spaces.

When is a Development Cost Charge Payable?

Development Cost Charges are payable:

  • Upon final approval of a Subdivision plan
  • Where the building construction value exceeds $50,000 for a commercial, institutional or industrial building
  • Multi family residential developments

What are the Payment Terms?

The Development Cost Charge Bylaw, and Council policy, provide for installment payments of Development Cost Charges in some situations.

Once the total amount of the Development Cost Charges has been determined, City staff will be able to advise whether the option of installment payments is available to the applicant.

How much are Development Cost Charges?

Development Cost Charges vary depending on the classification of the subdivision or building development (i.e. Single Family, Residential, Multi-Family, Commercial, Institutional or Industrial).

The following unit costs are typical DCC’s only and are based on a fully serviced area i.e.: water, sanitary sewer, roads, and drainage:

  • One/Two Family Residential Lots =
    (each additional lot)
$ 30,247.97
  • Townhouse Units =
$ 23,940.14
  • Apartment Units =
$ 20,471.20
  • Small Apartment Units < 613 sq ft =

$ 14,514.85

  • Micro Apartment Units < 355 sq ft =

$ 12,143.07

  • Commercial =
  • (each square metre of building gross floor area for every storey)

$ 55.97

  • Institutional =
    (each square metre of building gross floor area for every storey)
$ 76.56
  • Industrial =
    (each square metre of building gross floor area for every storey)
$ 26.57

 *** Rates subject to change ***


A. 10 lot single family residential subdivision
(i.e. 9 additional lots)
9 x $ 30,247.97 =
(Additional Lots x DCC = Total Fee)

$ 272,231.73
B. 10 unit townhouse building
10 x $ 23,940.14 =
(Units x DCC = Total Fee)

$ 239,401.40
C. 10 unit apartment building
10 x $ 20,471.20 =
(Units x DCC = Total Fee)

$ 204,712.00
D. 1000 square metre commercial building
1000m2 x $ 55.97 =
(Floor Area x DCC = Total Fee)

$ 55,970.00
E. 1000 square metre institutional building
1000m2 x $ 76.56 =
(Floor Area x DCC = Total Fee)

$ 76,560.00
F. 1000 square metre industrial building
1000m2 x $ 26.57 =
(Floor Area x DCC = Total Fees)

$ 26,570.00

Other Development Related Charges

In addition to Development Cost Charges, other related fees and charges may also apply as follows:

  • Road frontage 'necessary services' charges
  • Latecomer fees
  • Utility connection charges
  • Application fees

How Can I Find Out More?

For further information and more detailed estimates for specific Development Cost Charges please contact:

City of Chilliwack
Development and Regulatory Enforcement Services
8550 Young Road
Chilliwack, B.C. V2P 8A4

Telephone: 604.793.2902 or 604.793.2905
Fax: 604.793.2285

This information has been prepared to provide guidance only. It is neither a bylaw nor a legal document. Please consult the Local Government Act and its regulations and the City of Chilliwack applicable bylaw for definite requirements and procedures.

Visit the regulatory bylaws page for more information.