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Property Records Maintenance

Property records manages the assignment of new street names and house numbers for new subdivisions and the maintenance of properties with BC Land Title & Survey.

Address Changes 

(Please note all requests need to be submitted in written/email form)

Personal mailing address changes:
To update your mailing address with the City of Chilliwack (i.e. for Utility & Tax billing), please complete the Mailing Address Change Request Form.

Property title changes:
To make any changes to your name or address on the title of your property, please contact

Company mailing address changes:
To update the mailing address of a company please submit the Mailing Address Change Request Form either signed by or with an accompanying authorization from the  Owner, Director or Signing officer.

Business Licence changes:
For Business Licence-related matters, please contact or 604.793.2909.

If you would like more information, please contact the Development & Regulatory Enforcement Services Department at 604.793.2902 or email