Public Alerting System for Emergencies

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Don’t miss an emergency alert from the City of Chilliwack

The City of Chilliwack uses Alertable to send emergency notifications to subscribed residents, businesses, and visitors during critical events like fires or floods.

The Alertable app is free and can be downloaded from your mobile phone, tablet, computer or smart speaker. You can sign up for email, text (SMS) and phone call notifications. Notifications are fast, reliable, private, and easy to hear, see, and read. Choose the notification option, or combination of options, that is right for you.

How to Sign Up

Download the free Alertable app through your app store, or click below to sign up for free email, SMS, and phone call notifications.

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Other Ways to Stay Informed

Emergency notifications will also be posted on the City’s website and social media pages.

Questions and Answers

No, regardless of the method you choose to receive alerts (app, text, phone notifications, etc.) this alert notification service is free to all users.

To receive alerts for Chilliwack, select "Chilliwack, BC, Canada". You can choose to select multiple locations or cities.

By turning on 'Follow Me', you will receive alerts that are issued for your phone's current location, even when you are away from Chilliwack, or another area you selected.

No. Alert Ready is a Canada-wide system that allows government officials in each province and territory to issue emergency alerts through compatible wireless devices and major television and radio broadcasters. You do not need an app to receive alerts through the Alert Ready system. Alerts will be broadcast without a subscription and at no cost to ensure the maximum number of people receive alerts. For additional information on Alert Ready, visit here.