Let’s Talk about Short-Term Rentals

Do you run a short-term rental from your home? Are you interested in or concerned about short-term rentals in your neighbourhood? The City of Chilliwack is creating new short-term rental rules, and we want to hear from you!

Online platforms like Airbnb have led to a rise in short-term rentals across Canada and around the world. We are working on policies to make sure short-term rentals operate responsibly in the community, and to make sure the rules are clear.

When we updated our Zoning Bylaw in 2020, residential short-term rentals became prohibited, except for licensed Bed and Breakfasts. Now, we have four regulatory options to consider. We are recommending short-term rentals take place on the same property where the owner/tenant lives, either by renting out a spare room or another unit on the same property.

Upcoming Public Hearing - October 19, 2021

Please note, Council at its regular meeting of October 5 2021, has given first and second reading to "Zoning Bylaw Amendment Bylaw 2021, No. 5129", which proposes to incorporate new Short-Term Rental regulations, and called the Public Hearing to be held Tuesday, October 19 2021 at 6:00 p.m.

This amendment bylaw proposes to permit Short-Term Rentals as an ancillary use on the "same lot as someone's principal residence" (where a long-term residential use is occuring). Please click the following link to find out more information on the proposed amendment bylaw.

All interested persons will have an opportunity to participate. As a result of public health considerations, it is strongly recommeded that the public take advantage of the opportunity to participate in the Public Hearing process remotely via Zoom, although in person participation at the HUB International Theatre is permitted at this time. Please review the Notice and brief instructions below in regards to the participation options for the Public Hearing:

  • Submit feedback in writing (due by 4:00 p.m. Monday, October 18 2021); or
  • Participate live through audio/video conferencing (www.chilliwack.com/ph); or
  • Participate in person at the HUB International Theatre Facility (9201 Corbould Street).

The Public Hearing will be broadcast live on the City of Chilliwack website (www.chilliwack.com/live) for viewing by the public.


Thank you to everyone who gave us their feedback! The survey is now closed. For more information on the stakeholder engagement process, including a detailed summary of the results, please read the "Engagement Summary Report" here


If you have feedback or questions, please visit Engage Chilliwack or contact the Planning & Strategic Initiatives Department at planning@chilliwack.com or 604.793.2906.


  • View the Staff Report to Council with the proposed Zoning Bylaw amendments here
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