Short-Term Rentals

Short-term rentals (STR) are regulated in Chilliwack through the Short-Term Rental Bylaw and Zoning Bylaw , and anyone operating a short-term rental must apply for a Business Licence (Accessory Home Occupation).

Recent announcements about Provincial short-term rental regulations generally align with what is already in place in Chilliwack, and the City will continue to review and apply new Provincial regulations as they take effect. More details about the Provincial regulations can be found here.

How to apply for a Short-Term Rental licence

Review the FAQ Sheet and Operator Brochure in preparation for submitting a Business Licence application to operate a STR. After reviewing the regulations and supporting documents, and prior to applying for the Business Licence, please contact the Planning Department at 604.793.2906 or [email protected] or visit in person at City Hall, located at 8550 Young Road.

The Business Licence application will need to include the following:

  • An application form and fee payment of $100
  • Proof the STR will operate on the same lot as the Principal Residence
  • The number of Sleeping Units (i.e., bedrooms) that will be contained in the STR
  • A parking plan that meets the Zoning Bylaw requirements for the STR
  • An Owner Consent Form and Strata Consent Form, if applicable
  • A Fire Safety Self-Inspection Form and Fire Safety Plan to be approved by the Chilliwack Fire Department.

Applicants are encouraged to confirm their insurance policy allows for STRs, and are responsible for contacting their insurance provider and advising them of their intention to operate a STR.

The Business Licence application may be submitted online or in person.