Piper Richardson

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Family History

James Cleland Richardson first immigrated to Canada from Scotland in 1913, with his family when he was 17 years.

Victoria Cross & Inspiration

The Victoria Cross is the British and Commonwealth’s highest decoration for gallantry in the face of the enemy. Piper Richardson: A Source of Inspiration

The Piper Richardson Statue Project

Master Sculptor John Weaver was commissioned to create a life size bronze sculpture of Piper Richardson.

John Weaver and his Studio

Master Sculptor John Barney Weaver lived in Hope beside Silver Creek where he operates a studio with his family, son Henry and daughter Sara. Born at Annaconda, Montana in 1920 he is a graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1946.


The statue was officially unveiled on Saturday, October 11, 2003, on the front grounds of the Chilliwack Museum.