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Chilliwack is located in the Lower Mainland area of the Pacific Coast of Canada in south west British Columbia. It is about 100km from the city of Vancouver and part of the Fraser Valley Regional District.

With a mild climate, residents can enjoy year round outdoor activities. Thanks to the superb quality of life, Chilliwack is steadily growing.

Chilliwack has a population of 91, 797, with a five year growth rate of 7.5% (2018 statistic). This is a greater growth rate than neighbouring communities. With continued steady growth, the city’s projected population is expected to surpass 100,000 by 2021.

For information on Chilliwack's Development, please visit the Chilliwack Economic Partners Corporation webpage.

Their Community Profile PDF provides information about Chilliwack's Statistical Profile, including: Population, Households & Demographics, Workforce, Employment & Income, Cost of Living, Building Permits, Education.