Public Art

Public art has the power to energize and enhance our public spaces, make us think, and transform where we live, work and play. We support public art through the Chilliwack Public Art Policy.

Chilliwack’s Public Art Policy

The Chilliwack Public Art Policy (CPAP) was adopted by Council on April 1, 2014. The purpose of the policy is to promote and facilitate the integration of public art throughout Chilliwack. Establishing a public art policy was one of the objectives set out in the Official Community Plan update, which was completed in 2014.

The policy proposes that the governance of the public art program would be provided by a Council appointed Chilliwack Public Art Advisory Committee (CPAAC) who would then provide recommendations to Council on public art pieces proposed for civic facilities or properties, as well as visible locations throughout commercial or private developments.

The proposed membership of the CPAAC consists of members appointed by Council, one elected official to act as Chair, on elected official serving as the Vice-Chair, and one ex-officio staff member. As part of the membership composition, and depending on the proposed art piece, consultation from appropriate or affected committees or organizations may be required. The appointed CPAAC members are sought from the community with the goal being to assemble a combination of art and business professionals as well as community members at large.

The Chilliwack Public Art Advisory meetings occur once a month and are open to the public. For more information on the Chilliwack Public Art Advisory Committee please contact the City of Chilliwack Recreation and Culture department at 604-793-2904.

Public Art Mural Opportunity

The City of Chilliwack invites professional artists to submit public art proposals for the creation of two public art murals on the Vedder Bridge: one on the face of the north abutment wall and the second on the brick façade of the retaining wall. Download the Artist Call Out for more information.

Antiquated Farm Equipment Sought

Do you have a retired plow, tractor or another piece of out-of-service farm equipment that you would like to see repurposed? In order to acknowledge and celebrate our community’s strong agricultural roots, the City of Chilliwack is seeking a piece of antiquated farm equipment to utilize in the centre of the Prest-Bailey roundabout. If you would be interested in donating such a piece, please contact:

Carol Marleau, Manager of Leisure Development
City of Chilliwack – Recreation and Culture

Recreation and Culture staff will work with you to ensure your contribution is recognized.

Completed Projects

The following projects have been approved and supported by the Chilliwack Public Art Advisory Committee.

'Giant Flowers' by Ronald Simmer in the Evans Road roundabout
Five Corners mural
Canada 150 Mosaic Mural
Wheels of Change
The CADREB sculpture
The Bookman Mural
The portable piano

The City of Chilliwack believes that public art helps increase the vibrancy and livability of the community, thereby fostering a sense of pride in public places.

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