Chilliwack General Hospital

Chilliwack General Hospital has been serving the community of Chilliwack since 1912 when the population in the Chilliwack area was 5,337 residents.

Chilliwack General Hospital today is a sophisticated facility that offers exceptional healthcare services to our community. Please visit these services to see a comprehensive description of the health care system provided in Chilliwack.



We provide a healing environment and care for all those who enter our doors.

45600 Menholm,
Chilliwack, BC
Phone: (604) 795-4141

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Department Address Phone
Extended Care 45600 Menholm 795-4103
Heritage Village 7525 Topaz 858-1833
X-Ray/Ultrasound 45600 Menholm 795-4122
Payroll 45600 Menholm 795-4119
Human Resources 45600 Menholm 795-4120

Historical Significance

In 1906 the tragic death of a young Englishman named Potts, fiancée to Elva Grossman, occurred while he was being transported to the nearest hospital which was in New Westminster. His untimely death served as the impetus to active fundraising and the development of our local Chilliwack General Hospital. Tragically Potts died two days prior to his wedding from acute Appendicitis.

In 1940, a new hospital was constructed which increased the hospital's capacity from 12 beds to 28. The original hospital was then used as a nurse’s residence until 1958 when it was demolished and a new residence built to replace the aged building.