Mosquito Control Program

The Fraser Valley Regional District has an extensive Mosquito Control Program in place and provides mosquito control services in Chilliwack. 

Details regarding the Mosquito Control Program are available on the Fraser Valley Regional District's mosquito control website.  Anyone seeking information regarding mosquito control in Chilliwack is advised to check the Fraser Valley Regional District's website or contact them by phone at 1.888.733.2333.

To assist in mosquito control, residents are advised to minimize standing or stagnant water in and around homes and businesses.  Wearing long sleeves and pants and applying bug repellant with DEET will also reduce your risk of getting bitten by a mosquito. 

Health Related Inquiries

Mosquito Control Inquiries
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Email: FVRD at [email protected]

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The FVRD does not conduct fogging or spraying of chemicals that kill flying (adult) mosquitoes.

The public is reminded to take all the usual precautions around limiting mosquito bites and eliminating sources of standing water around their properties:

  • Apply insect repellent containing DEET according to label instructions when outdoors.
  • Wear shoes, socks and long-sleeved, light-coloured, loose-fitting shirts and pants when outdoors.
  • Avoid mosquito-laden areas at dawn and dusk.
  • Install tight-fitting screens on doors and windows.
  • Eliminate or regularly change water in saucers under flower pots, in bird baths, old tires, pet dishes, gutters, pool covers, trampolines, tarps and other areas where rainwater may collect.
  • Swimming pools should be properly maintained and chlorinated and wading pools should be emptied and turned over when not in use.
  • Use fine mesh to cover rain barrels and containers that cannot be dumped.

West Nile Virus

This website provides information regarding the West Nile Virus and action being taken by the Fraser Health Authority and Fraser Valley Regional District in anticipation of the virus.