Wood Stove Exchange Program

The Fraser Valley Regional District (FVRD) manages a region-wide Wood Stove Exchange Program. The program is operated at a community level through grants provided by the provincial government.

The program's objective is to improve air quality in the region by lowering wood smoke emissions and to provide FVRD residents with information about cleaner and safer wood burning techniques.

Under this program FVRD residents will be eligible to receive a $250 rebate if they exchange their old non-EPA approved wood-burning appliance for a new (EPA-approved) appliance, or a $400 rebate for switching to a gas appliance.

For more information about the program, and to find out if your old wood burning appliance and your new replacement appliance qualify, visit the FVRD's Wood Stove Exchange Program Website.

Get rid of that old wood stove - improve air quality and save money!