What actions can be taken to protect our air?

Air pollutants do not respect jurisdictional boundaries.  Each of us must do our part to minimize emissions and improve air quality. 

Here are some ways you can help reduce air pollution in Chilliwack:

Try a form of sustainable transportation 
Sustainable transportation is transportation which reduces emissions and fossil fuel consumption, and minimizes adverse effects on human health and the environment.  Instead of driving to work alone, try one of these alternatives:

  • Walk or ride your bicycle
  • Carpool 
  • Use public transit
  • Try an electric scooter

Consider these driving tips 
If you must drive, these tips can help you reduce emissions and fuel consumption – and save money.

  • Ensure car tires are inflated to manufacturer specifications.
  • Plan ahead to combine errands into one trip to reduce fuel consumption and save time.
  • Use vehicle air conditioning in moderation.
  • Use cruise control for highway driving – it helps you drive smoothly and reduces excessive accelerating and braking.
  • Reduce idling time.  For example, park the car instead of using a drive-thru.  For more information, check out the City’s Idle-Free campaign.
  • Don’t top-off your gas tank.
  • Make your next car a fuel-efficient one.  Check out the Scrap-It program.  Trade in your old vehicle for money towards a new bike or car!

Inefficient wood burning releases high levels of air pollutants.  For information and tips to reduce emissions from wood burning, please click here.

Lawn mowers contribute between 3 and 5 % of the total air pollution in Canada!  Using a gas powered lawn mower for one hour can produce as much emissions as driving a car 550 km!

  • Try a push or electric mower instead of a gas-powered mower.  They are good for small lawns and they do not emit any exhaust.
  • The national Mow Down Pollution campaign, run by the Clean Air Foundation, lets you trade in your old, high polluting lawn mower for a rebate toward a new, cleaner lawn mower.

Plant a tree 
It takes 300 trees to balance the amount of air pollution that one person produces in normal daily activities!

  • Trees clean the air by removing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen.
  • Planting trees can help beautify your yard and even increase your property value.
  • Trees can help shade your house and lower the cost of air conditioning.

Find out about Agriculture Canada's Beneficial Management Practices for Air 
These practices can help to sequester carbon and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural land therefore improving air quality. 

Check out a list of other available programs at environmental programs through the Summerhill Group.