Species at Risk

Chilliwack is home to a diverse variety of plant, fish and wildlife species.  Some of these species are rare or at risk of becoming threatened, endangered or extinct.


The provincial and federal governments identify and assess species at risk, and create legislation for their protection.  For certain species, the federal Species at Risk Act (SARA) makes it an offence to:

  • kill, harm, harass, capture or take an individual of a listed species that is extirpated, endangered or threatened;
  • possess, collect, buy, sell or trade an individual of a listed species that is extirpated, endangered or threatened, or its part or derivative; or
  • damage or destroy the residence of one or more individuals of a listed endangered or threatened species or of a listed extirpated species if a recovery strategy has recommended its reintroduction.

Species at Risk in Chilliwack


The following species at risk in Chilliwack are included in SARA Schedule 1. The Species at Risk Act establishes Schedule 1 as the official list of wildlife species at risk. (More information is available by clicking on the species):














Barn Owl  












Coastal Giant Salamander         














Coast Tailed Frog









Cultus Pygmy Sculpin












Marbled Murrelet













Monarch Butterfly


















Mountain Beaver      














Oregon Forestsnail











Pacific Water Shrew

















Peregrine Falcon
















Phantom Orchid












Red-Legged Frog














Rubber Boa













Salish Sucker



















Spotted Owl

















Tall Bugbane















Western Toad



We recommend you check the SARA registry for latest revisions.


If you are interested in finding out more about species at risk in Chilliwack, and your responsibilities as a land owner or developer, visit these Species at Risk websites: