Municipal Traffic Section

Speed Gun

Chilliwack Municipal Traffic Unit is comprised of 6 members of the RCMP. 

Staff at the City of Chilliwack provide support to the RCMP in managing all provincial and national traffic public education initiatives:

  • Aggressive Driving
  • Excessive Speed
  • Seatbelt Campaigns

The City of Chilliwack's Traffic Section is comprised of the Safer City unit and the Traffic Advisory Committee (a sub committee of City Council) with the cooperation and support of community partnerships, who work to assist the RCMP in obtaining a 30% reduction in vehicle injury and fatal accidents every year.  The Traffic Section has committed itself to the RCMP's goals from their 'Road Safety Vision,' which is dedicated to making Canada's roads the safest in the world.   

Municipal Traffic Initiatives:

  • Impaired Driving Detection and Enforcement
  • Investigation of Motor Vehicle Collisions
  • Speed Reduction
  • Targeted Enforcement of High Collision Corridors and Intersections
  • Traffic Control at Special Community Events
  • Public Education and Awareness Programs
  • Speed Watch
  • Safer City