Property Crime Section

Chilliwack RCMP Property Crimes Section has 6 plain clothes investigators who are tasked with property related crimes:

  • break and enters
  • theft – home and auto
  • possession of stolen property

The RCMP implement proactive measures with specialized units tasked to specific issues as they arise.

Mail Theft - Counterfeit Postal Box Keys
Complaints dramatically increased over a period of time and as a result this issue became a priority for the Street Crimes Unit. The Unit worked closely with Canada Post Security, Crown Counsel and the victims of stolen mail to investigate these incidents.

Preventative procedures were implemented:

  • Canada Post hardened their postal box locks
  • Screening of contract employees intensified
  • Intelligence sharing system between Canada Post and the RCMP was implemented

Auto Theft Fraud
The RCMP’s Auto Theft Team, in cooperation with the ICBC Special Investigations Unit share information and resources while making a concentrated review of all auto theft reports initiated. This successful partnership has identified that 30% of all reports filed at the time were fraudulent, realizing a savings in excess of $500,000.

BAIT Car Program
Since the implementation of the BAIT Car Program, the City of Chilliwack has been able to position a BAIT Car in the community almost every week. A number of activations of the alarm system associated to the BAIT Car have resulted, culminating in a number of arrests. These suspects have been identified as repeat offenders within the offence of auto theft.