How You Can Help During Winter Weather

Help Your Neighbours

  • Adopt the sidewalk of a senior or person with limited mobility, if you can. Help keep sidewalks and street drains clear.

Make Room for Snowplows

  • Park off-street where possible to give plows and sanders enough room to safely pass.
  • Keep curbside collection bins off of the road.
  • Do not try to stop the sand and plow truck drivers.

Clear Sidewalks

  • Property owners or tenants are responsible for clearing the sidewalk next to their home by noon the day after a snowfall, under the City’s Highway and Traffic Bylaw.
  • Please consider all sidewalks users in a snowfall event. Even the slightest amount of snow left un-shoveled can negatively impact those that require mobility aids.
  • Find more information at

Clear Street Drains

  • Keep snow, leaves, and other debris off of street drains to help avoid flooding if you are able.
  • Report blocked drains to our Operations Department at 604.793.2810.

Shovel Snow onto Your Lawn, Not the Street

  • Do not shovel snow onto the street.
  • Pile snow to the right of your driveway (when facing the street) to reduce the chance of plows pushing snow back onto your driveway.
  • Clear snow away from fire hydrants to make them easier to locate in an emergency.

Drive Safely

  • Make sure your vehicle is properly equipped for winter driving conditions.
  • Keep a large distance when following a snow plow/sander to avoid loose, flying sand.
  • Report any dangerous or black ice conditions to 604.793.2810.

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