Design Guidelines for Gates

To promote vibrant and attractive pedestrian-friendly commercial areas, the City has established ‘form and character’ design guidelines for new and existing development. To ensure new gates are consistent with the overarching goal for commercial areas, Council adopted gate design guidelines on October 3, 2017, developed in consultation with the Downtown BIA. If you are located within Development Permit Area 4, as shown on the map below and planning on installing a gate to secure your business, a Development Permit is required prior to installation and the following design guidelines apply:

  • 100% transparent (clear view into the ground floor use from the street for the full area of the gate).
  • Not connected to a residential use and connected to a commercial use only.
  • A complementary colour to the building wall.
  • Preferred gate type: fixed gates (wrought/cast iron or similar in appearance).
  • Accordion and roll-down gates are also permitted.
  • An ornate design with detailing and patterns on bars or a plain design with clean lines.
  • Gate boxes shall be hidden behind awnings or painted to match the building wall.

Fixed gate 100% transparent with ornate design
showing detailing on bars and complementary
to the building wall

Fixed gate 100% transparent showing plain
design with clean lines and complementary
colour to the building wall

Roll-down 100% transparent with complementary
colour and gate box hidden behind awning
Accordion gate 100% transparent with
complementary colour to the building wall

For further information, please contact the Planning and Strategic Initiatives Department at 604.793.2906 or

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