Design Guidelines for Window Decals

To support the City’s goal of promoting vibrant and attractive commercial areas, Council has adopted design guidelines for window decals (effective October 3, 2017). If you are planning on installing window decals on your business that cover more than 25% of the window, a Development Permit is required prior to installation. Subject to a Development Permit, a maximum of 40% coverage is allowed if transparent decals are used, as follows:

  • 40% maximum perforated decal—no less than 50% transparency (50/50—vinyl/perforation) or
  • 40% maximum frosted decal or
  • 40% maximum tinted decal—no less than 40% transparency.

Variances may be sought for creative and aesthetic designs that achieve a high level of transparency and avoid dominating the building character.


  • Click here to view the informational brochure on window decals design policy and public art policy
  • For more detail on the design guidelines, click here to view the Downtown Design Guidelines