Neighbourhood Grant Program

Great cities are built on the foundation of strong neighbourhoods. Since residents often know just what is needed to enhance the quality of life in their neighbourhoods, the Neighbourhood Grant Program has been developed to support residents and organizations that have small but powerful ideas that will bring people together and enhance neighbourhoods.

Through matching grants, the Chilliwack Neighbourhood Grant Program supports locally driven projects that are planned, implemented and managed by and for the neighbourhood. It encourages residents and local community groups to engage in projects that bring people together and make the community a vibrant and liveable place.

Residents can apply for amounts from $100 to $4,000, depending on the type of neighbourhood grant stream selected. There are three types of grants:

Celebration and Activity Grant
This category is for events and activities that enhance connections in a community. These events and activities could include neighbourhood block parties, barbecues, Christmas Carolling activities or any other neighbourhood building events. Activities where residents share their knowledge and skills with other community members are encouraged.

Grass Roots Grant
This category is for projects that have the goal of reinvigorating or making a public area more beautiful or usable. Some examples include small garden boxes, little libraries, or play equipment. Use your imagination to come up with a project to invigorate your neighbourhood and apply today.

Youth Engagement Projects (YEP) Grant
This category is for neighbourhood-enhancing projects and events led by youth ages 13-19. As youth work together on their proposed projects, this grant will create the opportunity for them to build relationships and leadership skills, develop neighbourhood pride and have fun!

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Grass Roots Grant

Through matching funds, the Grass Roots Grant Program focuses on resident-led neighbourhood projects that will reinvigorate neighbourhoods or make public areas more beautiful and usable.

Neighbourhoods in Action

Check out the latest events and projects supported through the Neighbourhood Grant Program.

Youth Engagement Projects (YEP) Grant

The Youth Engagement Projects Grant is a matching grant of up to $1,000 that empowers youth to engage in their community through neighbourhood-enhancing projects and events.