Council recognizes the value and importance of heritage conservation. Because of this Council completed a Heritage Strategic Action Plan in 2022 and oversees a Voluntary Municipal Heritage Designation Program.

Heritage Strategic Action Plan

The Heritage Strategic Action Plan provides a clear vision and direction for an integrated community heritage program in Chilliwack.

Voluntary Municipal Heritage Designation Program

The Local Government Act gives Council the power to designate heritage properties by bylaw and dictates the process we must follow to protect a property. Learn more about the City's voluntary heritage desigation program and discover protected heritage sites in Chilliwack, from the 1912 "Former City Hall" in the Downtown to the 1914 "Hazel House" along the Hope Slough in Chilliwack Proper.

Other Organizations

Other organizations offer many services, programs, and resources to delve into Chilliwack's history. Visit Chilliwack's heritage organizations today! 

Chilliwack Museum & Archives CFB Chilliwack Historical Society
The Museum operates in the City's former City Hall while the object storage and Chilliwack Archives are housed in a municipally-owned structure three blocks from the Museum. The Canadian Forces Base Chilliwack Historical Society gathers, maintains, and displays archives to help relive and remember the history of the 'Home of the Royal Canadian Engineers/Canadian Military Engineers'.
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Atchelitz Threshermen's Association Heritage Chilliwack Society
in 1983 the Atchelitz Threshermen's Association (ATA) was registered and, in the last few years, ATA has made many upgrades to the site, with the goal of increasing public participation in the Association and its activities. Founded in 2014, the Heritage Chilliwack Society aims to educate public on the importance of heritage. The Society has published a self-guided downtown walking tour, provides grants, and also runs a Classroom Sponsorship Program.
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Tourism Ch'illiwack Stó:lō Research & Resource Management Centre
Tourism Ch'illiwack was established in 1998 as part of the Chilliwack Economic Partners Corporation. The organization was created to forge a partnership between the City of Chilliwack and the tourism industry, to promote growth and diversification and to increase the economic impact of tourism. Situated in Building #10 on the Coqualeetza grounds, the Stó:lō Research and Resource Management Centre comprises of experienced professionals working within the Stó:lō community and offers a rance of professional and technical services.
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