Unsecured Loads

Unsecured Loads

Keep Chilliwack clean by ensuring you secure your waste during transport. When waste is not secured, it can enter roadways, parks, natural environments and private property. Waste that has escaped during transportation can create a hazard for drivers and cyclists, leaves a mess in our community and can harm wildlife.

How can you secure your load?

  • Use a tarp to cover yard trimmings or other loose materials that could blow away, secure the tarp to your vehicle
  • Use a rope or straps to tie tarps and other objects to your vehicle

Load Type

Recommended Method to Secure

  • Yard trimmings or dirt
  • Construction or demolition waste (loose)
  • Other garbage or recyclables (loose or in bags)


Tarp Secured to Vehicle


 Secured                          Unsecured

  • Bulky Items (e.g. appliances, furniture, mattresses)
  • Garbage cans with fastened lids

Tie Down

Secured                          Unsecured

Before heading out, ask yourself the following question:

  • Is there any chance of debris falling (or blowing) out of my vehicle?
  • Would I feel safe if I were driving behind my vehicle?
  • Would I want my loaded vehicle driving through my neighborhood?
  • What would happen to my load if I had to brake suddenly or if I hit a bump?
  • Do I need to drive slower than I normally do?
  • Is my load secured on top, on the sides, and in back?

Litter cleanups are often carried out by volunteers in our community – let’s all do our part to reduce litter!

Unsecured waste could be subject to a fine under the City of Chilliwack’s Solid Waste Management Bylaw 2019, No. 4660.