Quarterly Chilliwack Emergency Preparedness Newsletter:

This informative newsletter coincides with the 4 seasons of the year.  These equinoxes provide everyone an opportunity to look forward and plan on how one might become better prepared for eventualities that often occur for that particular time of the year.


Fall and Winter Approaching
– Time to Prepare Your Home and Yourself -

Well, it’s really happening: reduced daylight and seasonal winds and rain remind us to prepare NOW for fall and winter.   This is the time to prepare our gardens and lawns; to store-away the tools of summer; to clean out gutters and ensure water runs away from our homes; and, to review our vehicles for fall and winter driving conditions.

Now here are some additional tasks you should consider to make your home and you better prepared:

  1. Service all your motorized equipment so it’s ready for colder and wetter weather.
  2. Clean up ‘temporary storage’ areas you created in your home, garage or shed where potential flammable “stuff” has accumulated.
  3. Replace ALL batteries in flashlights, radios and smoke detectors (etc.) so they operate when and where you need them.
  4. Remove evergreen shrubs that hide your doorways from being seen by your neighbors or those walking along your street.
  5. Consider purchasing exterior lighting that is activated by darkness – so your home can be seen at night.
  6. Complete your own Personal, Vehicle and Home-Based “Emergency Preparedness Kits”. 
  7. Wherever you are – take along a small First Aid Kit; just in case.
  8. Consider investing in a First Aid Course through our local St. John Ambulance group.
  9. Think about volunteering to help our City’s Emergency Preparedness “Teams”.  Choose from:
    a.  Emergency Communicators
    b.  Emergency Social Services
    c.  Search and Rescue, or
  10. Otherwise consider helping out in your own neighborhood, complex or gated community.

Other than those few examples, please “take the time” to have a safe and enjoyable fall and winter.