PAWS for Utilities

Equal Payment Plan

What are the advantages?

The Equal Payment Plan lets you even out your utility costs over the course of a year, so your monthly payment is the same and your budget is easier to manage.

Instead of paying higher bills in the summer when your water use increases, the same amount will automatically be withdrawn from your account each month.

Year-end balancing adjustments will automatically be made in either October or November of each year, depending on your route category.

How much will the payments be?

The monthly fee is based on your average yearly total, divided into 12 equal payments.

If the City does not have a 12 month history for your account, the yearly total will be forecast based on established averages.

How do I sign up for PAWS ?

Just fill out the PAWS for Utilities Authorization Form (see brochure below) and submit it to the City of Chilliwack, together with a blank cheque marked VOID.

You can join the Equal Payment Plan or Auto-Debit Program at any time throughout the year.

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Auto-Debit Program

What is the Auto-Debit Program?

This voluntary program authorizes the City of Chilliwack to withdraw from your bank account, the balance owing on your Utilities Account as at each Due Date (approx. every 3 months).

What are the benefits?

Save yourself time and money!  Do you pay postage or late payment interest charges?

With Auto-Debit there’s no more rushing to put the cheque in the mail...
or hoping it was received before the due date.

Never stand in line to pay your utility bill again!

Will I still receive Utility Bills?

You will receive your Utility bill as per usual; however, the comments section of the bill will indicate that you are on the Auto-Debit Plan and the “AMOUNT TO BE WITHDRAWN” will be taken from your account on the Due Date.

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Do I have to sign up for EPP or Auto-Debit each year?

No, you stay on whichever PAWS plan you choose on the PAWS Authorization Form until you cancel it.

However, if payment is returned NSF a $25 fee will be applied to your account and after two consecutive NSF returns, your participation in PAWS will be cancelled.

What if I sell my property?

Cancel your pre-authorized payment plan with the City by notifying the Finance Department.

Make sure your conveyancing lawyer (or Notary) accounts for your payments on the "Statement of Adjustments" as the City doesn't issue refunds.

If you would like to rejoin the PAWS for Utilities program at your new property you must complete and submit another application form and cheque marked VOID.