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Yarrow Evacuation Update November 16, 2021

Chilliwack, BC: As water continues to flow onto the Sumas Prairie, the community of Yarrow remains under an evacuation order. Residents are requested to stay away from the area until the order is rescinded. City staff will continue to monitor the area and water levels overnight and provide an update in the morning.

(Edit, November 25, 2:15 pm: As of November 26, 2021, the Emergency Support Services Reception Centre will be located at the Neighbourhood Learning Centre at Chilliwack Secondary School (46361 Yale Road) for anyone needing immediate assistance.)

Edit, November 19, 3 pm: The reception centre has moved to Evergreen Hall at 9291 Corbould Street.)

Yarrow residents that have evacuated and need assistance can go to the Emergency Support Services Reception Centre at the Landing Sports Centre (45530 Spadina Ave). Due to the highway closures and extremely limited hotel availability, many evacuees have already made arrangements with family and friends and do not need to check into the Reception Centre.

Vedder Mountain Road and Keith Wilson Road remain closed to the public, with the exception of those still leaving Yarrow. RCMP will be on site at both locations. Access is not permitted into the area under evacuation order.

“I would like to extend a special thank you to the community of Yarrow and all of Chilliwack,” said Mayor Ken Popove. “Today we have seen residents, friends and family come together to lend a helping hand. From offering room in their homes for evacuees, to helping evacuate livestock, Chilliwack residents have been amazing during this time of crisis.”

Please continue to respect road closures and drive cautiously, especially after dark, as many roadways still have standing water or debris.

Updates will be posted online at as information becomes available.

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Chilliwack’s sewer system is taking in a lot of water. To help prevent backups, please reduce water use.