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Statement from Chilliwack Mayor and Council November 10, 2020

"As we make our way through the second wave of COVID-19, all eyes have been turned towards the rising case counts. This is a frightening time for many of us, especially for our seniors and those with health concerns. Right now, it is important for all of us to do our part to bend BC’s curve back down.

"To help keep our communities safe, the provincial health officer has issued a new health order for our region, effective until November 23. This order prohibits gatherings of any size outside of your immediate household. This means that for the next two weeks, we all need to spend time with only the people we live with. Do not invite others into your home, to restaurants, or to outdoor gatherings. Instead, connect through the phone, email, or video chat.

"As a Council, we are asking everyone in our community to follow all health orders closely and to wear a mask whenever you are out in public. Wearing a mask protects the people around you. We know that some people who are able to wear a mask are choosing not to, but during this critical time we expect that Chilliwack residents will do the right thing and wear a mask in public spaces.

"We also encourage local businesses to make the necessary changes to their COVID-19 safety plans to meet the latest orders and recommendations. Throughout the pandemic, we have been continually re-evaluating our COVID-19 safety plans for municipal staff and making changes as required. Last week we implemented a new mask policy for staff in civic facilities, requiring masks be worn in all common areas.

"In addition to these measures, we should all be practicing the basics. Washing your hands with soap and water, staying six feet apart from others in public spaces, wearing a mask, getting tested when you have symptoms and isolating from others when sick are all things we need to do to help keep our community safe.

"We are proud of Chilliwack and all of the adjustments our community has made so far to protect one another. While we need to stay physically apart right now, our combined efforts will help reduce the spread of COVID-19 in our community."

-Mayor Popove and Councillors Kloot, Knott, Lum, Mercer, Shields and Westeringh

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