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Council Appoints Commissioner for the Cultus Lake Park Board July 29, 2020

Chilliwack, BC: Chilliwack City Council has appointed Kirk Dzaman as Commissioner with the Cultus Lake Park Board.

Kirk’s resume demonstrated significant experience working with various boards and committees in the community. He has served as a board member with Chilliwack Economic Partners Corporation since 2014, including as a member of their Finance and Audit Committee. He has also been a board member with the Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce since 2012, including serving as board president for three years.

“We are pleased to appoint Kirk Dzaman as Commissioner with the Cultus Lake Park Board,” said Mayor Ken Popove. “Kirk brings a wealth of experience to the position and we believe he will work well with the current Park Board members to help manage and continue to improve Cultus Lake Park.”

“I have a great passion for the Cultus Lake Park. Growing up in Chilliwack, I have spent a considerable amount of time enjoying the area,” said Kirk. “My wife’s family (the Parkers) have been leaseholders since 1958, spending every summer of their lives at Cultus Lake. My wife (Sara), myself and three children now utilize this property year-round and continue to create many joyful memories for our family. I am honoured to work with the current Park Board members and help provide positive direction for Cultus Lake Park.”

Since 1932, the governance of Cultus Lake Park has been the responsibility of the Park Board, under The Cultus Lake Park Act. Under section 7(1) of the Act, the Council of the City of Chilliwack is responsible for appointing a new member.

The mandate of the Cultus Lake Park Board is the use, regulation, protection, management, maintenance and improvement of the park. Members of the Board meet once a month to discuss and vote on long-term planning items, budget decisions, environmental sustainability as well as bylaws and policies.

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