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Chilliwack Curling and Community Centre Opens November 27, 2018

Chilliwack, BC: The Chilliwack Curling and Community Centre is sliding towards completion and the City of Chilliwack would like to invite the public to attend a celebration at the new facility on Friday, November 30 at 3:00 pm at 45550 Spadina Avenue. Refreshments will be served at the event and Mayor Popove will throw a celebratory rock.

In 2017, Council approved the proposal from Preview Builders Inc. and broke ground for the project shortly after. With the previous curling rink more than 60 years old and nearing the end of its useful life, it was time to create a new public space. Now, not only will the new Chilliwack Curling and Community Centre be used by 650 active curling club members, it will also provide a valuable community space in addition to its eight sheets of ice.

“Those eight sheets of ice are an exciting and long-awaited addition for our curling community, but this project is about more than curling,” said Mayor Ken Popove. “This new facility will benefit residents of all ages as it becomes a hub in our community.”

The new centre will include flexible space for a variety of event options. There will also be a viewing area on the main floor to watch the activity on the ice or dry floor, change rooms, a pro shop, kitchen and multipurpose room. On the second floor, there will be additional viewing areas, a covered patio, a meeting room, refreshment area and a 3,700 square foot multipurpose space. In the spring and summer when the ice is out, the main curling floor will be available for events and activities. Washroom facilities will be accessible from the outside, benefiting children and parents using the nearby playground.

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