Industrial Land Review & Policy

Due to concerns regarding a shortage of available land for industrial development, the Chilliwack Economic Partners Corporation's Industrial Lands Committee, working with City staff, undertook a review of industrial land supply and utilization. Adopted August 20, 2019, Policy G-34 (Industrial Land Policy) was developed to support the City’s Official Community Plan objectives for economic growth and industrial and business park development:

  1. Maintain industrial lands for industrial use;
  2. Promote the development of business parks which are attractively designed accordance with design guidelines and best practices in business park site planning, landscaping, and building and site form and character;
  3. Increase industrial development capacity to meet long term employment needs; and,
  4. Implement land use intensification strategies to improve land use efficiency.


  • Click here to read the Report to Council and Industrial Land Study
  • For more information, click here to read the Industrial Land Policy