Chilliwack Community Safety Plan

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Community safety is important to us. With our partners, we have created a plan to help build a community where all residents are safe, feel safe and have a sense of belonging. Read the plan here.

The Chilliwack Community Safety Plan is based on feedback from the Integrated Community Safety Task Force, key stakeholders and a public survey. We developed the Community Safety Plan with the following ideas:

  • Creating a safe community involves many different organizations.
  • Chilliwack is diverse and the Plan will be inclusive and consider intersectionality.
  • The Plan will focus on both prevention and crime reduction.
  • We will work through the Plan with respect for our Indigenous neighbours.

Community Safety in Chilliwack

Community safety is complex. It includes both actual and perceived levels of crime, harm, and safety within a community. Multiple factors influence community safety in Chilliwack. Different organizations need to work together to address some of these factors, including:

  • mental health challenges,
  • substance use challenges,
  • homelessness,
  • chronic/prolific offenders and the justice system, and
  • early interventions.

Focus Areas

The Chilliwack Community Safety Plan has five main focus areas. Many organizations will need to help to achieve these goals. Check out our infographic to learn more.

Shield icon   Improve safety and the
perception of safety.
Message bubbles icon   Reduce stigma around homelessness,
mental illness, and substance use.
People silhouetted icon Set up a full range of social services.
Gavel icon      Improve capacity of justice system to
seek and approve criminal charges
Teddy bear icon    Increase focus on early interventions,
prevention, and trauma-informed practice

Helpful Links

  • Read our Homelessness Action Plan here.
  • View our crime prevention toolkit and crime maps here.
  • Read the Chilliwack Community Safety Plan here

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