Open Door Fridays

Open Door Fridays is a new six-month program that empowers community members to discuss needs and opportunities around inclusion, diversity and accessibility, directly with Mayor Ken Popove.

From April to September, Mayor Popove has set aside two Fridays a month to meet virtually with residents. These 10-minute Zoom meetings will help us understand how we can better support inclusion, diversity and accessibility in our community.

Please note, these are private one-on-one meetings with Mayor Popove via Zoom, with one staff member in attendance. The staff member will be there to take notes, so that in the fall, we can provide Council and the community with a final, anonymous summary report, to protect the privacy of participants.

Here's how it works:

  1. Select an appointment time below.
  2. Enter your details. You will receive a meeting confirmation email.
  3. Come to the Zoom meeting prepared to share.
  4. A staff member will be on the call to record needs and opportunities.
  5. The Zoom meeting will start on-time and will end at exactly 10 minutes from that time in order to ensure everyone that has booked a meeting receives equal access. The staff member will provide a one-minute warning in Zoom chat.
  6. A final Open Door Fridays briefing document will be provided to the community on the City's website, summarizing all feedback while protecting the privacy of participants.

Open Door Fridays is an initiative of the Action Plan for the Mayor's Task Force on Inclusiveness, Diversity and Accessibility. It aligns with Goal #5 in the Plan, "Create opportunities for marginalized voices and identities to have access to City of Chilliwack decision-makers." (more information)