Air Quality, Energy and Greenhouse Gas Action Plan

Energy consumption, air quality and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are inter-related issues with significant potential to affect our quality of life and the environment. Download the report

The City of Chilliwack has worked with Stantec to develop Air Quality, Energy and Greenhouse Gas Action Plans for the community and the City's corporate Operations.

Community Action Plan

The Community Action Plan includes activities to reduce energy consumption, pollution and greenhouse gases associated with transportation, buildings, solid waste and agriculture.

Action is required at all levels, from individuals and businesses to local, provincial and senior government.

Check out the following useful tips and more to help you make energy conservation a part of your home and/or business.

Chilliwack sources of greenhouse gas emissions from 2007 provincial inventory(quantities shown are in tonnes of CO2 equivalent):

Provincial legislation requires all communities to have GHG reduction targets and actions in their Official Community Plans. Based on the activities in the Action Plan and provincial/federal initiatives, the City has developed the following target:

Chilliwack will aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions per capita to 20% below 2007 levels by 2020. Achieving this target will require a joint effort by the federal and provincial governments, City of Chilliwack, and community members. The City of Chilliwack will initiate programs that fall within our legislative jurisdiction by implementing the activities and policies in the City’s Air Quality, Energy and Greenhouse Gas Action Plan.

The City plans to implement the activities using Carbon Tax Rebates from the provincial government and other available senior government grants.

Corporate Action Plan

The Corporate Action Plan outlines activities that the City of Chilliwack can undertake to reduce air emissions and conserve energy. The actions involve the City's buildings, fleets, utilities and lighting, and will be prioritized based on cost-benefit assessments.  Key actions that the City is already pursuing include landfill gas capture at the Bailey Sanitary Landfill, energy retrofits at City buildings, fleet "right sizing", and an energy integration study for buildings in the Chilliwack Landing neighbourhood.

Chilliwack Corporate Energy Use (2010):

Corporate Energy Use

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