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Parks & Trails


Major Parks

Yarrow Pioneer Park is a 2.5 hectare property that is very special to the community of Yarrow. This park not only offers a playground for all age groups, skate park, picnic area and washrooms, it was also re-designed in 2010 with community input, solidifying the park's place in the heart of the community. As a community hub, many events occur in the park every year, including the annual Yarrow Days event.

The Playground

Residents of Yarrow consulted with Parks Operations staff to create the vision for the playground area. Their vision was to have a more natural design theme in the area. The slide, swings and climbers for all age groups were incorporated in a flowing, organic design with different materials. Meandering curbs and pathways direct users through the play area, past the sand play area, small garden, play equipment and water event. Road lines and symbols marked on the asphalt walkway assist with traffic control for all things with wheels and help teach kids how to ride safely and responsibly.

Take note of the hand prints and names in the concrete around the playground - these people donated to the park and made the slide feature possible.

The Skate Park (All Wheel Park)

After years of planning and consultation with youth, citizens and designers, a modern replacement for the aging Yarrow Skate Park / Bike Park was opened to users in early December 2011.

The former skate park, noted as one of the first in British Columbia and built by local residents, remained open during the entire construction process. After many years of service, the old skate park was showing significant signs of age. Due to changes in trends, including the types of wheeled vehicles using these facilities, and the increased population in the Yarrow area, the modern replacement of the existing skate park was well-received by the community.

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Adopt a Park/ Adopt a Trail

The City of Chilliwack has partnered with a number of local organizations and non-profit groups to develop an Adopt-a-Park and Adopt-a-Trail program. Groups volunteer their time to cleanup parks and trails in Chilliwack, to keep the community looking its best!

Greenspace / Trail Network Plans

Created as a supporting document to Chilliwack's Official Community Plan (OCP) the Greenspace Plan and supplementary Trail Network Plan sets out the City's goals and visions for developing new parks and trails over the coming decades.


The City of Chilliwack has over 100 parks and natural areas which together make up over 400 hectares of green space.


A listing of cycling / hiking trails in Chilliwack and vicinity.

Chilliwack Greenspace Plan

Online Field Status

With the changing weather these days, it’s easy to check the status of Sports Fields online.