Vedder Canal Dykes Restricted Access

The City has experienced an increase in vandalism and theft at its two drainage pump stations located on the Vedder Dyke. These pump stations are critical flood prevention facilities that control the internal drainage in the Greendale area. Increased illegal dumping and damage to the riparian area of the river, caused by off road vehicle use is also part of an ongoing problem over all in these areas.

In consultation with the Vedder River Management Committee, the City has developed a plan to minimize both the potential flood threat and environmental damage. The plan involves new restrictions on vehicle access to the dykes, which are now in effect. The restrictions maintain a balance between providing adequate security for the pump stations, while still maintaining adequate access for recreational activities. Restrictions are as follows:

  • The Vedder Dyke upper road, between Industrial Way to north of the McGillivray Pump Station,
    will remain open all year.
  • All lower roads on the Vedder Dyke will be closed permanently to vehicular traffic.
  • Upper and lower dyke
    roads will be closed to vehicle traffic in the vicinity of the McGillivray Pump Station.
  • Seasonal closing
    (May 15 to July 15) of
    the upper dyke roads
    from Yale Road West to
    the gravel stockpile site,
    approximately 1 km south of Keith Wilson Bridge.
  • The use of vehicles on the dykes anywhere other than on authorized roadways as stated above may result in Bylaw Enforcement action with penalties of up to $500.

For more information, please call 604.793.2810 or visit the Public Works.