Chilliwack Hospice Society


Chilliwack Hospice Society

Mission Statement

Chilliwack Hospice Society is a community based Volunteer organization which accepts death as a part of life. We support individuals and families during the dying and grieving process.

Our Values

·        We believe that every person has worth and a right to be treated with gentleness and respect.

·        We believe that every person has the potential to experience hope, wonder and joy.

·        We believe that diversity and inclusiveness are vital to the strength of our organization.

·        We believe that the strength of relationships in our organization is based on trust and open communication.


Hospice is not a place; it is a philosophy.

·        Providing sensitivity and support to individuals in need of our services.

·        Hospice philosophy emphasizes comfort, dignity and quality of life; affirms life, neither hastens nor postpones death.

·        Care from the Chilliwack Hospice Society is available to individuals and families in their home, hospital or community care facility. Chilliwack Hospice Society is a member of the Hospital/Palliative Care Program.

There is no cost to our clients for our services.

Hospice Volunteers

·        Successfully complete the compressive 30-hour Hospice Volunteer Training Program.

·        Sign a pledge of confidentially and undergo a RCMP security check.

·        Listening without judging or giving advice.

·        Have access to continued education in the field of hospice, palliative care and bereavement support.

·        Offer assistance with practical  concerns and planning and refer to professionals or other agencies when appropriate.

·        Have a wide range of life experience and skills that enable them to offer practical assistance and supportive care to meet the special needs of those facing a life-threatening illness or bereavement.

·        Are culturally sensitive and respectful.

·        Live in our community.

·        Hospice Society Volunteers provide compassionate care and support in a variety of settings—at home, in hospital and in other care facilities.

·        Hospice Society Volunteers visit clients and their families and provide companionship to patients, as well as support and respite for caregivers.

·        Hospice Society staff and Volunteers help ensure excellence in hospice/palliative Care in Chilliwack.

We offer the following services:

·        Hospital Visitation

·        Home Visitation

·        Vigil Support

·        One-on-One Support

·        Bereavement Follow-up Support

·        Bereavement Visitation

·        First Step Grief Support Group

·        Second Step Grief Support Group

·        Children's Grief Support Group

·        Resource Lending Library

·        Community Workshops

·        Ongoing Volunteer Training

·        Presentations

·        Relaxation Workshops

“You matter to the last moment of your life”

Elizabeth Kubler-Ross


How to Obtain our Services

Referrals to Chilliwack Hospice Society may be made by the patient, family, attending physician, social worker or health care providers.


Chilliwack Hospice Society

47112 Vedder Road
Chilliwack, BC V2R 3T6

(604) 795-4660

email:  [email protected]