Traffic Notifications

Lane Closure
 Notification  11949
 Street Lickman Road to South Sumas Road to Evans Road (Atchelitz Substation)
 Description from Atchelitz Substation at Lickman Road to Evans Road - on Lickman Road (single lane alternating)
 Time Periods Monday December 14 - Friday February 5 (8:00AM - 4:00PM)
Monday February 22 - Friday April 30 (8:00AM - 4:00PM)
   892887704- BC Hydro_Sumas Rd, Chilliwack, BC, Canada-Dwg21.pdf
   892887704- BC Hydro_Lickman Rd, Chilliwack, BC, Canada-Dwg1.pdf
City of Chilliwack Info
 Name  Michael Grass
 Phone  604-793-2741
Contractor Info
 Company  BC Hydro
 Name  Graham Hicks
 Phone  778-952-7877
Description Date File Size 
Lane Closure Permit 2020-11-02 249KB