Automated Voting Machines

Part of our commitment to continually improve services for citizens, the City will uses Automated Voting Machines for balloting in local elections. This technology is used to elect Mayor, Council, School District Trustees and Cultus Lake Park Board Commissioners on one simple, consolidated ballot.

With this method, electors simply fill in spaces to mark their choices, similar to the way provincial final exams or driver learner’s permit tests are administered. The machine then scans and ‘interprets’ the ballot. In the event a ballot is spoiled, it will be immediately identified, allowing the voter to recast their vote or have the choice to have the ballot accepted as is.

Fast, Simple and Accurate

The machines read standard paper ballots that are retained in accordance with Provincial legislation as proof of the validity of the election process.

Easy to use:

1. Mark the ballot by using the black pen provided to fill in an oval next to the candidate's name.

2.  Insert ballot into machine.

3.  The machine checks and tallies the ballot and notifies the voter of the following:

  • Rejected ballot due to too many marks, allowing the voter to recast;
  • No voting marks, allowing the voter the option to correct their ballot; or
  • Voter has the option to allow the machine to accept the ballot as it is.