When Rezoning is Necessary

Changes to zoning become necessary when a property owner wants to use his/her land in a manner that is not permitted under their current zoning.  Changes to land use therefore, require a rezoning to their zoning classification.

What is My Current Zone?

You can find out your current zone by visiting our mapping application.

What is the Purpose of the Rezoning Process?

The rezoning process enables Council the ability to thoroughly review potential impacts to the community in which changes in land use, density or building form may cause.

Zoning Information in Chilliwack

The Zoning Bylaw describes current zones and their allowable uses in Chilliwack.

How Much Time Does the Process Take?

The amount of time a rezoning process can take varies depending on the complexity of the application and the length of time the applicant takes in completing zoning prerequisites.  Please visit our Rezoning Process page for more information about some of the variables that can affect timelines.

Rezoning Process

The rezoning process is a 6 stage process.

How Much Does the Rezoning Process Cost?

Please refer to the Development Application Fee Bylaw.

How Can I Find Out More?

For additional information or to start the rezoning process, contact:

Planning Department
Phone:  604.793.2906

Email: [email protected]

Rezoning Application

Additional forms related to rezoning and variance applications.



Description Date File Size 
Rezoning Brochure 2023-03-30 291KB 

Rezoning Process

The rezoning a property is a 6 stage process.