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Tender 2013-01 Asphalt Rehabilitation and Shoulder Paving Back
Closing Information
Successful Bidder:
Bidder: Keywest Asphalt Ltd
Bid Value: $2,063,600.00
All Bidders:
Bidder: Grandview Blacktop Ltd
Bid Value: $2,187,687.00
Bidder: Imperial Paving Limited
Bid Value: $2,740,332.00
Bidder: Keywest Asphalt Ltd
Bid Value: $2,063,600.00
Bidder: Lafarge Canada Inc.
Bid Value: $2,434,691.00
Bidder: Martens Asphalt Ltd.
Bid Value: $2,078,261.00
Bid Information

The Work is to supply all labout, materials and equipment to provide approximately 11 centerline kilometers of asphalt overlay, construct 3 lane kilometers of bicycle lanes and minor civil works within the boundaries of the City of Chilliwack as stated in the Tender Document.

SECURITY: Bid Security in the amount of 10% of the total tender price, including HST.

BONDING: Performance Bond and Labour and Materials Bond each in the amount of 50% of total tender price including tax. 

February 27, 2013 3:00 PM
Dwayne Spies
Project Manager
(604) 793-2907
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Addendum 1 Addendum Adobe Acrobat File 217KB
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