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Tender 2010-05 Marble Hill Survey Hub Monitoring Back
Closing Information
Successful Bidder:
Bidder: Underhill Geomatics Ltd
Bid Value: $59,367.00
All Bidders:
Bidder: BC 432129 Ltd.
Bid Value: $73,080.00
Bidder: McElhanney Ltd
Bid Value: $213,444.00
Bidder: Tunbridge & Tunbridge
Bid Value: $68,670.00
Bidder: Underhill Geomatics Ltd
Bid Value: $59,367.00
Bidder: Wedler Engineering LLP
Bid Value: $163,800.00
Bid Information

WORK:  To suplly all labour, materials and equipment to survey and document the positions of 66 monitoring hubs in the Marble Hill area of the City of Chilliwack as stated in the Tender Document on a monthly basis for a total of 12 months.  This contract may be extended by two additional 12 month terms upon successful negotiations with the successful contractor. 

Tender Documents can be obtained from the Main Reception at:

City of Chilliwack
8550 Young Road
Chilliwack, B.C.   V2P 8A4

or may be downloaded from the City's web page at

May 11, 2010 3:00 PM
Inquiries should be directed to Mr. Dwayne Spies, Project Manager by calling 604-793-2956.
Dwayne Spies
Project Manager
(604) 793-2907
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