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Tender 2009-13 West Dyke Upgrades-McGillivray Section Back
Closing Information
Successful Bidder:
Bidder: Universal Contracting
Bid Value: $76,611.00
All Bidders:
Bidder: BAT Construction
Bid Value: $235,532.00
Bidder: Clearwater Environmental Group
Bid Value: $228,758.00
Bidder: Double M Excavating LTD
Bid Value: $147,237.00
Bidder: Jakes Construction Ltd.
Bid Value: $85,564.00
Bidder: Mission Contractors Ltd.
Bid Value: $122,441.00
Bidder: Richco Contracting Ltd.
Bid Value: $175,506.00
Bidder: Sandpiper Contracting
Bid Value: $140,880.00
Bidder: Span Valley Construction Ltd.
Bid Value: $116,714.00
Bidder: Timbro Contracting
Bid Value: $199,345.00
Bidder: Universal Contracting
Bid Value: $76,611.00
Bid Information

WORK:  The work consists of the supply of all labour, equipment, materials and supervision to construct upgrades to the West Dyke in Chilliwack adjacent to the McGillivray pump station, extending from approximate Station 5+200 to 5+265 (total 65 meters).  The work must be complete by December 15, 2009.

BID SECURITY:  10% of total Tender Price to be submitted with Tender Document.

PERFORMANCE SECURITY:  Upon award, Performance Security and Labour and Materials Security each in the amount ot 50% of the total tender price. 


October 20, 2009 3:00 PM
Enquiries should be directed to Ms. Tara Friesen, Project Manager by calling 604-793-2701.  The lowest or any tender may not necessarily be accepted.
Tara Friesen
Assistant Manager of Environmental Services
8550 Young Road
Chilliwack, BC
V2P 8A4
604 793-2701
604 795-2963
[email protected]
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