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2023-07 Gill Road Box Culvert Back
Closing Information
All Bidders:
Bidder: Accura Grade
Bid Value: $312,933.60
Bidder: Ballina Contracting
Bid Value: $205,833.60
Bidder: Drake Excavating (2016) Ltd.
Bid Value: $655,987.50
Bidder: HPA Construction Ltd
Bid Value: $645,364.77
Bidder: J Cote & Son Excavating Ltd
Bid Value: $202,650.00
Bidder: Jakes Construction Ltd.
Bid Value: $128,100.00
Bidder: KGH Equipment
Bid Value: $138,135.62
Bidder: Lil Bear Contracting Corp.
Bid Value: $269,976.42
Bidder: Pacific Casa Construction Inc.
Bid Value: $204,540.00
Bidder: Strohmaier Excavating (2019) Ltd.
Bid Value: $222,972.75
Bidder: Walter's Bulldozing (1994) Ltd
Bid Value: $217,350.00
Bid Information

To supply all labour, materials and equipment, to complete Gill Road Box Culvert Replacement Project as stated in the Tender document. The City has pre-ordered and paid for the full concrete box culvert and two (2) headwalls to secure production space.

December 13, 2023 3:00 PM


Kristian Biela
Project Manager
[email protected]
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Addendum one Document Adobe Acrobat 2,202KB
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